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S0 CUT MY WRISTS AND BLACK MY EYES.. [Tuesday, 12th April, 2005 @ 10:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]






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ill be just find pretending im not</3 [Saturday, 5th March, 2005 @ 2:50pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i felt like i should update so i am. lets see, things have been sorta the same. a couple days ago me and scottie got into this big fight because some girl lied to scottie telling him i liked someone else. wtf? yeah. so we almost broke up like it was so over. but somehow kristen talked to him and made things okay. because kristen is awesome. anyway i went out lastnight. it was fun. i saw that kid charlie lol and joey kept following me around haha hes so weird in a cute way? i guess. & the blonde kid hit me with a glow stick. it hit me right in tha lip. lol it hurt. this kid scott wont leave me alone. he likes me a lot. i feel bad for him but like hes to annyoing and i dont like him. shannon n everyone hates him lol. AWw! soo shannon came with me lastnight too. haha it was funny she was trying to shove the glow stick up cj's crotch. lol and steph made sam cry! haha t0o funny! && i saw my dave! lol he looked upset tho and he wouldnt tell me whats wrong =/ .. dont worry dave im always here for yaaa =D .. hmm so besides that, everything is gay. my parents are seperated and are now dating other ppl. i guess ill just have to deal witht that. oh well. its nothing i didnt expect but w/e.
i dunno what im doing today. hopefully something fun=]] caLL ME*

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dont hurt urself hurt , hurt someone else ~ by TOm [Saturday, 26th February, 2005 @ 3:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

ahhh heyy ! i never update this thing anymore..im to busy with that myspace thing.. but like anyone cares? hehe.
k everything has been okay. past 2 weeks just been busy with tryin to bring my grades up in school so i dont F A I L. and been going out with friends. havent really seen scottie in awhile and its gettin ridiculous. i miss him, yeah. but i been going to teen night n mall n movies. COOOOL STUFF. i went to teen night lastnight met up with ppl there. me and laura are friends now! haha shes cool. uhm eddie n melissa go out. i been hanging out with steph n niki latley. LOVE THEM. uhmmm, i talked to paul lastnight and i recently talked to TOM! haha hes awesome. goin to tha mall today with mad ppl.. soo that should be hott. ppl might come over afterwards. i rather see scottie but i think hes busy. maybe he can come over tmro! idk .. well thats all for now im bored.bye.

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beHind tHeSe haZeL eyEz .. arE loSt drEaMz aNd blEedinG criEz [Sunday, 13th February, 2005 @ 5:53pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

depressing weekend sorta? i dont know. but friday was only night i had "fun" as they call it. on friday went to the school dance. it was good. scottie came i guess thats why. pretty much danced with everyone. alex got into a fight with the DJ because she thought that she was hitting on her boyfriend. yeah funny shit. it was way to short though. we all went to friendlys afterwards. it was cool. me and alex thought we looked ugly so we went in the bathroom and made masks to put on made outta paper-towel lmao. and then we all got mad at eachother. kinda? scottie did i think because alex kept bringin up carm so i kept bringin up duffy. yea it was stupid. so after that shannon took me and scottie home. ahhh worst part of the night. i didnt wanna leave him!! haha we hooked up in the back of shannons car =] sorry shan? haha. yeah so i slept over shannons house that night. the next day *saturday* i just hung around her house till about 5. we went to the mall. BIGGEST MISTAKE. with kayla kat leo steve n jim. wow it was gay. i got into a fight with jamie's friend. Jessica and the girl jimmy knows. Bryana. it was really fucking stupid. almost got into a fist fight. what hell that woulda been? yeah anyway..we met up with stephiie<3 there and her 2 friends. and chilled with them and then we went into the movie. but of course jimmy n leo n steve stayed outside with bryana. nice fucking friends huh? yeah and they come in telling me how they smoked w/ her. o how fucking amazing. im sorry you guys you are my bff and i just wanna let you know that it hurts me to see you guys fuck up your life. im your effin friend and you guys offer me a cigarette? wtf is that? and it hurts me the most that they're only smokign to impress bryana because she does it too. they're only doing it for her. and that is seriously screwed up. the girl wanted to kill me and then they go smoke w/ her. i hope they get her pregnant in an alley way n go smoke all the fuck they want. So LEO STEVE JIMMY GO FUCK UP YUR LIFE AND DONT BOTHER ME.


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[Monday, 7th February, 2005 @ 10:02pm]
[ mood | helpless ]

got my report card today.

i did really bad.

im probably gonna be grounded for a very long time.

fuck. =[

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love is just an excuse to get hurt, so hurt me ;<3 [Sunday, 6th February, 2005 @ 9:14pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

weekend was gooood.

FRIDAY*- went to teen night with shannon. we met up with a couple people. brett sal cj allen tommy twinkey lee oh yeah and my julianne was there<3 haha erika too. so me and shannon saw nick there =O yeah but i kept running away from him lol plus he was all over this girl Sam and i knew it was to make me jealous so i was like w/e. we just stayed with the others till the WHORE came. see me n shan were jc wit sal brett & them and then miss skanky brittiany came over to the table and started shake her ass infront of them and was shaking her tits infront of them so they ALL went with HER. i mean she was practically all letting them touch her. what is that? seriously. its like they all fell under her "whore spell" or something lmao. i dont know i think jeremy likes her but, what guy wouldnt go with a girl whos willing to fuck you the minute she meets you? lol but sal n brett came to their senses and hung w/ me n shannon for the rest of the night. but overall yea that was it.

SATURDAY*- went to the mall & movies. kayla kat ant jimmy leo chris n rosendo came. yea fun stuff<3 it was cool but like most of the time we were all like split up ..not knowin where everyone is..some of nick's friends were there and hung out with us, unfortunatly. but scottie was there! but he was in the movie and i was in the mall. so i was in the arcade n jack walked in so ran outside n saw scottie<3 and then he left cuz he had to go but chris wanted to kick his ass and he fucked it all up for me so i went up to him and slapped him across the face haha it was funny everyone was laughing at him. anyway lol we went to seee boogeyman. yeah it was alright sorta scary sorta dumb. the ending sucked.

SUNDAY*- superbowl sunday yupp. PATRIOTS!<3 okay lol uhm i went to leos house for a lil party. jimmy kayla kat rosendo khidir was there. it was fun, everyone thought i was stoned because i was outta control lmao. i guess i was hyper idk? but i was texting scottie the whole time because i miss him so much! ughhh i just wanna be with him right now in his arms. DAMN LIFE SUCKS! fuckeer tmro is monday too. that blowwsss! k later guys xxo

...I Love y0u Scottie <3

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and it makes no sense . .i could just pick up the pieces . . but to you, this means nothing [Wednesday, 2nd February, 2005 @ 5:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]

blahhhh. i really hate school. i got yelled at by one of the teachers today because im missing to much school. ( i missed yesterday ) but i dont care lol. it was funny in math class. matt & andrew sit right infront of me and andrew kept dropping his pencil under the desk because he was trying to look up some skirts lol. and jenn who sits right next to me, called the teacher over to help her w/ some problems and as she was doing that andrew kept doing it and finally Mrs. A goes " are we trying to look up the girls skirts? "" i know you wouldnt be dropping that pencil so many times for any other reason" haha it was so funny. me andrew n matt just looked at eachother n started laughing. anyway the rest of the day was just boring. in the middle of classes greg grabbed my bookbag and pulled it down the straps hurt my arm and i have all these bruises all over the place yeah thanks greg..lol but yeah, tonight i have a cheerleading game @ 7:30 ( oh joy ) i have to go get ready so byee<3

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nothing is ever gonna be okay...espesically for me [Tuesday, 1st February, 2005 @ 9:34pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

what a fucked up day. im so depressed. i dont know what to do. after dance practice i went home and i seen my dad i thought he was gone again. guess i was wrong. i asked him to go rent The Grudge for me and to get something to eat. so he said he would but he wanted me n my brother to come for the ride. so we did.but now i really wish i didnt. on the way there he was just explaining to me all these things. saying that if it wasnt for me and my brother he would of commited suicide along time ago. were the only reason hes living. and you dont know how bad they scared me & hurt me. he kept telling us how sick he is and that he was so close to dying today. he said its definitly sure that he has cancer. im not ready for all this to happen. my parents are getting divorced. i cant stand my mom we dont get along at all and now i have to worry about my dad dying. on the way home he pulled the car to side of the street and said he'll be right back. he went out and put his hood on so we couldnt see but i know what he was doing. he was crying. its sad to know that it was the first time i ever seen my dad actaully cry in my whole life. then he came back in the car like nothing happened. i was so confused. i just looked the other way out the window and i tried so hard not to cry but i couldnt help it. all i kept thinking was that if this ever happens im definitly running away from home. running away for good. let me put it this way. if i pulled the trigger , do u think even anyone would notice?

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i wanna hate you so bad but ` i cant ` [Sunday, 30th January, 2005 @ 2:11pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so it turns out the weekend went pretty good. i thought i'd be stuck home mostly doing nothing. espesically on friday. but friday was like last minute plans. around 5 i decided i wanted to hit up the mall with ppl so i did! lol me kayla jizim n ant went. got there late like almost 9:00 so we walked around the mall a lil bit. we saw robyn there n amanda n them. didnt really talk just waved. so anyway we wanted to see hide n seek but of course it was opening night and they were checking tickets at the door so we went to go see coach carter. then when were about to go in the movie we bump into nick n sal. yeah i guess they were comin outta a movie? anyway i ended up gettin home late n i got introuble. on saturday i did basically the same thing. went to the mall. this time more ppl came. shannon kayla kat chris ant leoandro (haha) yea so i was walking and eddie n his friends were there. eww!! lol jk =] .. but i was walkin' wit everyone then all of sudden this guy approaches me n asks me if im interested in being a model so i said idk? then he brought to his stand thing and he told me to fill out this card so i could make an appointment for the interveiw so i did i filled it out but i put some fake information down because i wasnt sure if it was like a scam or sumthing. so the mall was closing and we had to wait outside n we had no idea how we were getting home because chris is a dumbass. we wanted to see a movie at 10:30 " are we there yet " but i didnt wanna go in unless i new how i was getting home. but of course no1 was doing anything. either chris kept smackin lee wit a bottle n running away or they both were dancing n singing. lol yeah it was funny but i was so mad lol i was tryin to be serious n thats what they were doing. wow they amaze me. so we alll just decided to go in the movie and while were walking in me n shannon saw chris nereny and his friends but we didnt talk to them we practically ignored them lol. idk y. so we saw the movie it was good/funny...yeah and we found a ride home thnx to me =]. --> the smart one <-- ha jk. but yeah then we all went back to my house n waited outside for everyone to get picked up n stuff. so that was it. today is sunday so that means i aint doin shit=[. school tmro=[. fuckkk i hate school lol. k well im bored BYEEEEEEE<3

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all these empty promises seem to never change [Thursday, 27th January, 2005 @ 7:11pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

hi. ok well yesterday was cool. kinda boring but fun at the same time..if that makes any sense? anyway i went to school and came home n slept for about 2 hours n woke up went online. then around 7:30 shannon picked me up and we went to her bball game @ sas. i got there and pretty much everyone was there except for alex because she came later cuz she had to go to some wake. then scottie n jack came. and yeah we hung out n stuff. and jack kept making fun of nancy. haha that was funny and we all kept embarrassing shannon everytime she went to play. haha iluvya<3. soooooo i got home at 9:30 ishh and had to do that stupid ass right to life poster. it came out so bad. oh well i tried =]. and that was pretty much it. and tmro is friday and i think im actaully NOT doing anything. so feel free to callllll <3

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[Tuesday, 25th January, 2005 @ 3:58pm]
[ mood | bored ]

10 bands you've been listening to a lot lately:
1. Green Day
2. Story of The Year
3. Yellow Card
4. 3 Days Grace
5. My Chemical Romance
6. Blink182
7. Linkin Park
8. Jimmy Eat World
9. Taking Back Sunday
10. Good Charlotte

09 things you look forward to:
1. summer
2. weekends
3. going out with friends
4. concerts
5. being with my bf
6. going to the mall
7. goin to the movies
8. snow days
9. anything good

08 things you wear everyday:
1-8 clothes and shoes

07 things that annoy you:
1. my brother
2. my parents
3. guys who just look for sex
4. people who make judgements to easily
5. loud;obnoxious people
6. cocky people
7. school + teachers

06 things you say most days:
1. hey
2. im bored
3. whats up
4. yeah
5. i dont know
6. haha

05 things you do everyday:
1. listen to music
2. eat
3. sleep
4. shower
5. see friends

04 of your favorite songs at the moment:
1. Green Day - Blvd. of Broken Dreams
2. Story of The Year - Until the Day I Die
3. Avril Lavigne - Nobodys Home
4. Yellowcard - Only One

03 future plans:
1. doing good in school
2. having a good time
3. becoming something famous

02 of your favorite memories:
1-2 everyday is good

01 person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. family and friends

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and it seems like im one the you `` love to ` hate [Monday, 24th January, 2005 @ 2:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

NO SCHOOL TODAY! thank god for snow. haha even though i hate it. anyway yesterday was fun. i went over anthonys house around 8:30. steve and jimmy were there. we hungout in his basement for lil bit. we took alot of pictures and they watched the football game mostly. then steve had to leave so he walked home and jimmy n anthony came over my house n hungout. they didnt leave till almost 1:00 because jimmy kept missin his taxi to get home haha. so i dunno whats up for today. its really boring & im soooo not looking forward to school tmro :( ok well i guess im out. bye.

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and this is my life. the one that ..no one.. understands [Saturday, 22nd January, 2005 @ 11:05pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

well i been outta school for 2 days [thurs&fri] because i was sick. and now its finally the weekend and look wut happens. snow! im so pissed. i wasnt allowed to go anywhere lastnight because i missed school and now i couldnt go out today because of all the snow. yea its cool n all but only for snow days off from school. which i hope happens on monday. moving on > i was on the phone with anthony and jimmy most of the day talking about random things. then finally anthony came over for a bit because i saw him shoveling outside n i couldnt help but start talking to him. i was so bored. i was gonna go crazy if i didnt do anything. so he came over n we just hungout n took some pics. then we walked around in the snow but it was way to cold so i went inside and ant went home. lastnight i watched " Harold & Kumar go to Whitecastle " . haha that movie was so funny. i decided to watch it at like 2:30 in the morning because there was nuttin else to do. i'll prolly do the same thing tonight. so anyway i didnt get to see my bf at all this weekend. yeah whats up with that? hopefully i can soon. i cant stand being away from him =[. but yeah, thats really it. ill update this thing lattur xxo

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i dont wanna be here anymore. [Wednesday, 19th January, 2005 @ 7:47pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

it seems like all i been caught up in latley is drama. just non-stop problems with friends, family, and just life itself. i've gotten into a fight with one of my best friends recently and his girlfriend [Greg&Kelly]. but im not mad anymore. well atleast not at greg. its stupid to hold a grudge against someone your really close to. but kelly, shes just a different story. im disgusted with her. and im probably not gonna talk to her anymore because i cant put up with her and her stupid lies. she has the best boyfriend and she doesnt even realize it. i think greg could do much better. he doesnt deserve this. but its his problem and ill let him do what he wants. i tried to tell him the truth about her "cheating" on him and he doesnt wanna listen. i cant blame him though. that would be tough to believe especially if u really like that person. i've done all i can do. just be happy greg. && lemme just say if she did it once she'll do it again. just a *warning*. anyway problems with the family. oh god. i dont know if i should even get into that. its just so fucked up. so moving on. theres stuff with eddie that i need to get straight. the other night he told me a bunch of stuff how he still likes me & that he'll always be here for me. n like today its a whole different story. hes saying that hes sick of waiting and that hes moving on. now that doesnt bother me because i think thats best. he should of done that from the start. he knows i have a boyfriend and im happy. i wanna be with scottie. and i think he knows that. he deserves a good gf in his life though. hes one of the best people i know.. it just bothers me that i think hes lying to me and that pisses me off. i hate when people lie. especially about stuff like that. just tell me the truth. dont tell me one thing and tell other people different. ANYWAY. besides all that shit in my life. everythings okay. school is killing me though! it all gets to u after awhile. all this homework&gettin up in the morning. jus sick of it. and i've got back some of my mid-term grades. so far i only failed one and passed the rest. and i hope thats it. my parents will kill me. ok well i think i said enough. bye.

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[Monday, 17th January, 2005 @ 9:09pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

<3 I love Scottie so fucking much <3

and thats all ok thnx bye.

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[Monday, 17th January, 2005 @ 1:00am]
[ mood | loved ]

well the weekend was actually pretty good. even though we still have tmro off (thank god) which reminds me i have a shit load of homework to do! anyway uhm, friday me and shannon hit up teen night with kelly. we hung out with jeremy sal brett & cj mostly. i seen erika n julianne there *love them* and yeah. after that shannon slept over n stuff. on saturday i went to scottie's basketball game with shannon. it was fun i guess. even though i almost fell asleep haha. n then me n shannon just chilled at my house for the night. so today was fun. i got to skip my cheerleading game. yeah cuz i rock<3 so me n shan were on the comp. and then she invited carmelo n sean over. so like dumbasses they come n go in my backyard n start jumping on my trampoline. then the next thing u kno there trying to break in my house lmao. but finally shannon got them to leave. soo then later we went to the movies with jack n my wonderul boyfriend scottie<33. we saw" In Good Company" i have no idea wut it was about. i wasnt paying attention though cuz scottie was abusing me lol. ugh i miss him so much right now. and now im introuble with my effin mom! i think cuz i came home to late but i really dont care. shes a bitch n needs to get over it. ok im out <3 xxo bitches

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*iitsz l0ve make iit huRt* [Thursday, 13th January, 2005 @ 9:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hi. i dont know why im updating right now but i am. lol uh well mid-terms are finally over. we finished them up today. im so happy they're done with i couldnt take another day of that shit. anyway today was pretty good. school was boring xcept music because the stupid song that he makes us listen to is so hysterical but gay at the same time. "TEA BAGS" lmao shannon<3. && tomorrow is friday w00t! im going to teen night? yea havent been there in a long ass time. and i just made that worldisround thing but i only have 5 pictures on it. so after this weekend ill take alot and give ppl the link. on saturday ..ithink..me alex n shannon n nicole are going to watch the bball game at sjv then were going to the mall&movies. i think anyone could of guessed that. uhm, well thats it for a now. bye xxo

You Were Very Naughty This Year!

Naughty, naughty! You've given Santa a broken heart.
You probably won't get anything from Mr. Claus
Except for a well deserved spanking
(Which you'll probably enjoy, you sicko!)

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<3il0vey0u... [Monday, 10th January, 2005 @ 9:42pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

uh..today is definitly feeling like a monday. i couldnt get up this morning i was dead tired. maybe it was cuz i was up all night textin scottie? i dunno but it sucked. school was boring as usual and tomorrow i have mid-terms for science & religon. so i was basically studyin the whole day because i really cant afford to fail these. my grades are low as it is. but hopefully i can miss dance practice tmro. ill just convince my mom that i really need to study and cant go to practice. hym i hope that works. oh yea alex can finally go places now. wow *shocker* thank god. i cant wait for the weekend. i wanna see my scottie<3.

pieces of my broken ♥

[Sunday, 9th January, 2005 @ 7:02pm]
[ mood | confused ]

wow! lastnight was crazyy. i didnt update yesterday cuz i was to tired. so ill do it do now. well around 6 i went to the mall and met up with kayla kay anthony jimmy chris shannon steve and shannon's friend aj. we walked around in the mall and aj like knew everyone. *ohsopopular* anyway while we were down staris i heard someone call my name and i look around n then i look at the top floor and it was tom jon & christian. i was like uhm hi =]. then we went upstairs and eddie and cj passed us. so i called eddie on his cell so i can meet up with him but no he has to be a bitch and now were not talking eachother. (long story) ok well then after that the movie we were going to see was starting soon * white noise * so everyone went in the movie. but me and shannon stayed becuz we lost aj and had to find him. then we found him outside so me shan n aj walked into the movie and omg it was so packed! we couldnt find them so aj yells out KAYLA! really loud and everyone turns around and looks at us lmao. then we see them they were in the very very front row. there was no seats left so i sat on the ground infront of jimmy. but then the guy yelled at me and i found a seat next to kayla. but omg chris kept talkin thru the whole movie and kept screaming shit out. the guy next to us left because he couldnt take it anymore and then chris threw a nacho at him. well the movie was good it was hard to pay attention cuz i was laughing so hard. then the movie got quiet and this girl yells out " ouch who hit me" and chris says " i did bitch" and shes like omg ur gay. then everyone told chris to stfu. then this guy gets from his seat n stands infront us and says. " u guys better the fuck up or im gonna start to kick sum ass" and then then EVERYONE in the theature started clapping. lmfao. it was so embarrassing! then this guy sed if anyone else complains about us then were gettin kicked out. so i talked to kayla the whole time and we were just cracking up. bloody hell my angelito tacos! roflmfao<3 kayla! hah but yeah. omgg scottie was there!! but he was in the mall with jordan n sum kid alex. i was soo pissed cuz i didnt see him. right when the movie ended he left! i was mad =[[ i love my scottie! and today is offically 1 month <3. yeah ok so that was pretty much it. today i just had a cheerleadin game and yea we won uh huh<3 and i just stayed n hungout with sum ppl n watched the rest of the games. me n erin were callin ppl on my phone haha bill n doug n . dont curse little kids around here lmao erin* oh yeah n greg n erin told me sumthing n i hope its not true *cough* lol okay well im out x00x

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surey ...chekk it out x3 [Friday, 7th January, 2005 @ 8:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

:x: full name = Jordyn Marie Bost
:x: height = 5`2 . im a shortay
:x: hair color = brunette with blonde highlights
:x: length = medium
:x: siblings = 2 brothersz (Jeffrey&Jeremy)

:x: movie you rented = open water
:x: movie you bought = thirteen
:x: song you listened to = blvd. of broken dreams ..best song ever!<3
:x: song that was stuck in your head = i just wanna live - *` good charlotte

:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = uhm..sumtimes..cuz rahway sucks ass
:x: you think about suicide = i used to..but now {sumtimes}
:x: you believe in online dating = nah, its pathetic

:x: others find you attractive = sure? i guess

:x: you want more piercings = definitly

:x: you do drugs = no. even though my parents accused me of it

:x: you smoke = nope

:x: you like cleaning = uhm no

:x: you like roller coasters = love them<3

:x: you write in cursive or print = print

:x:Are you single? = nope. i love my scottie

:x: long distance relationships = theres no point. it never lasts

:x: using someone = its good for sum things

x: killing people = no. unless its nessacary

:x: teenage smoking = nooo
:x: driving drunk = never

:x: premarital sex = i guess

:x: food = tacos =]

:x: song = blvd. of broken dreams - green day

:x: thing to do = go to the mall&movies

:x: thing to talk about = boys =]
:x: sports = cheerleading

:x: drink = pepsi
:x: shirt = uhm ?

:x: movies = thirteen
:x: band/singer = green day!
:x: holiday = christmas n halloween

:x: ever cried over a guy= yes =/
:x: ever lied to someone = yea who doesnt
:x: ever been in a fist fight = i beat that bitch up
:x: ever been arrested = nah

:x: of times I have been in love? = once
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = twice
:x: of hearts I have broken? = ? idk 1 or 2 maybe?

:x: of times ppl sed they loved you? = a lotttt

:x: of drugs taken illegally? = zero

:x: of people I consider my enemies? = hym about 100,000

:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = 3 times..yay im special

:x: of scars on my body = way to many!

:x: of things in my past that I regret? = oh wow like a million

:x: disney movie = idk
:x: nickname = jordana bostana
:x: guy name = scottie<3 lol
:x: girl name = Kristin
:x: eye color = hazel
:x: flower = scottie lmao ..um rose
:x: piercing = tongue + belly button

:x: pretty = your choice
:x: funny = yea?
:x: hot = i dont judge myself!
:x: friendly = sumtimes =]
:x: amusing = yes very! ha
:x: ugly = in my opinion a duh
:x: loveable = yeah sure?
:x: cuddly = u kno it
:x: pessimistic = nope
:x: optimistic = yeah
:x: caring = yea
:x: sweet = ima true sweetheart lol
:x: dorky = hah now n then

:x: Spell your first name backwards = nydroj
:x: The story behind your user name = a brok3n dream x - my favorite song
:x: Are you straight? = no doubt
:x: Where do you live? = ruffway

:x: Wallet = dont need 1

:x: Hairbrush = silver
:x: Toothbrush = pink n white
:x: Jewelery worn daily = hoop earings + bracelets n rings
:x: Pillow cover = has flowers on it
:x: Sunglasses = dont have any
:x: Shoes = heels
:x: purse = coach
:x: Favorite top = hollister top
:x: CD in stereo right now = green day

:x: What you are wearing now = jeans n a white t-shirt
:x: Hair = down n straight
:x: Make up = foundation + eyeliner

:x: In my mouth = gum
:x: In my head = himm
:x: Wishing = i can see scottie
:x: After this = talk to ppl online
:x: Talking to = leo & jimmy on the phone

:x: Eating = chewing gum
:x: If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?= my parents because they annoy the hell outta me! nah wait thats mean
:x: Person you wish you could see right now= scottie!
:x: Is next to you = cell phone
:x: Something you're looking forward to in this up coming month = seeing this movie
:x: Something that you are deathly afraid of? = being alone / getting murdered / loosing scottie
:x: Do you like candles = yeah i guess

:x: Do you like incense = no
:x: Do you like the taste of blood = deliciouz ;]
:x: Do you believe in love = yes
:x: Do you believe in soul mates = sure
:x: Do you believe in love at first sight = ehh i guess
:x: Do you believe in forgiveness = sumtimes ..depends
:x: Do you believe in God = yea
:x: What do you want done with your body when you die = i wanna be burried in a wall

:x: If you could have any animal for a pet = a horse
:x: What is the latest you've ever stayed up = till the next day
:x: Ever been to Belgium? = nope
:x: Can you eat with chopsticks = i dont think so
:x: What's your favorite coin? = half dollar
:x: What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to? = ill stay in rahway thank you very much! or maybe where scottie lives =]]
:x: Whats something that you wish people would understand? = that im nott sucha fucking WHORE!
:x: What's something you wish you could understand better? = LIFE
:x: Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time? = people from wildwood
:x: Something you want to make happen for tomorrow? = be with my lover!
:x:Fallen for your best friend of the opposite sex? = no me and anthony r true best friends! forever & always
Made out with JUST a friend? = oh boy..yes

:x:Been rejected?= yeah like twice
:x:Been in love?= i really dont know wtf love is
:x:Been in lust?= dont know
:x:Used someone?= yeah
:x:Been used?= hymm i think
:x:Cheated on someone?= no comment
:x:Been cheated on?= idk? no one tells me anything
:x:Done something you regret?= ahh so much shit i regret

:x:You touched?= myself =O ...lol nah im touching the f*in keyboard
:x:You talked to?= im talkin to casey ant and nick right now o n octavio

:x:You hugged?= last person i hugged? alex?
:x:You instant messaged?= just now ..casy..
:x:You yelled at?= my mom
:x:You laughed with?= jimmy n leo

:x: You called?= anthony

:x:Considered a life of crime? yes
:x:Considered being a hooker: hah yup cuz ppl suck ass n dont know wtf they're talkin about.
:x:Considered being a pimp? yup. pimpin aint easy
:x:Are you psycho? maybe..i might just be
:x:Split personalities? hah anthony thinks so
:x:Schizophrenic? i dont think so.
:x:Obsessive? if anyone is obsessive is my ant hah sorry but its true
:x:Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? wow
x:Understanding: i could be
:x:Open-minded: sure
:x:Sexy: yea man..cant touch this x3
:x:Insecure: sometimes
:x:Interesting: to sum ppl
:x:Hungry: for brownies
:x:Friendly: not all the time.. but i try my best u know
:x:Smart: street smart
x: Caring: for sum
:x:Childish: at times
:x:Independent: ehh
:x:Hard working: depends for what
:x:Organized: not really
:x:Affectionat: i guess
:x:Emotionally stable: yep
:x:Shy: sometimes
:x:Difficult: yeah
:x:Attractive: i dunno
:x:Bored easily: YES
:x:Thirsty: yeah
:x:Responsible: not really
:x:Sad: most of time
:x:Happy: hardly
:x:Trusting: DTA dont trust anyone except for me!

:x:Talkative: when i wanna be
:x:Unique: ya ?
:x:Lonely: sometimes
:x:Color your hair? yeah
:x:Have tattoos? want 1
:x:Piercings? 2
:x:Have a boyfriend? i love you scottie
:x:Flirty? hehe maybe<3
:x:kiss just a friend? yeah.. its weird..
:x:Die for a friend? id do anything for them1
:x: original? u know it

7 counted all the pieces of my broken ♥

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